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Encouraging Students to Study Dance in Schools

We all know the benefits that the creative arts provide in developing young people in a myriad of ways, but when it comes to options and Dance GCSE or A Level is offered, it can often be the case that only the talented/experienced able bodied girls who seek a balance of practical and academic studies apply, alongside those who want to avoid writing.
If you are looking to broaden the range of pupils who participate in dance, let’s firstly ditch the myths:
1: It’s for girls
2: It’s for people who already do dance
3: It’s for able bodied people (you have to do the splits!)
4: It’s about sharing emotions
5: It won’t get accepted for university
6: You have to wear a leotard
7: You won’t have to write anything

Examination Dance is a demanding personal journey for each student which calls upon the significantly transferable skills of self-improvement, tenacity, physical effort, commitment, problem solving, refined communication skills, verbally and non-verbally, analysis and critique, self-evaluation, and that’s before they have learned a step! It is a subject that has a huge amount to offer to a broad range of students irrespective of ability or gender.

Here are some great reasons to encourage students to study dance throughout their school years: (…)

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